Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Silver Today | Silver Bars vs. Coins

Investing in any precious metal has its own advantages and disadvantages. You should try to learn as much as you can about silver as an investment, what is appealing to you might not be so appealing to the next person. 

When the silver price goes up, it garners interest from investors. The more interested people are in silver, the bigger the silver market gets. 

Silver can be volatile, some would even say, it’s unpredictable and maybe a little unreliable but if you know how to read the markets, you’ll realise it’s much more easier and safer to put your money in silver than to put it in stocks and bonds. Silver like gold is a safety net, it can protect You in times of economic uncertainty. Silver had proven to be useful in these uncertain times. It’s an asset that could be sold for cash to help people get through the difficult time. 

You should weigh the pros and cons of owning silver in the form of bullion. 

Investors flock to safe-haven assets in times of economic uncertainty. However, silver tends to get overlooked and passed over for gold. 

Silver is money. Stocks and bonds might be a good way for investors to save and grow their investments, they are more like IOUs or promissory notes that are vulnerary to inflation and other factors that could cause their value to depreciate. Silver bullion is a tangible asset. It might be vulnerable to fluctuating markets like most commodities, it could never crash or lose it worth. Investors can acquire silver in different forms like coins, bars and jewellery. 

Best time to sell silver 

Most people will put their money in silver or gold when the silver price and gold is low are low. It might be the best thing to do when you consider how the world’s monetary system revolves around debt. This is unsustainable and lots of people realise that this system is not sustainable.  

Silver vs gold

Silver is more accessible because it is less expensive than gold. It is also easier to sell. A silver coin is easy to sell to hang a gold coin because of its low value. It is easier to divy up an ounce of silver bullion than an ounce of gold. Silver bullion is practical and more versatile than gold. 

Silver has higher returns 

Because silver is worth about 1/80 the cost of gold, acquiring silver is affordable and can give a higher percentage gain when you sell silver bullion at the point where the price of gold is high. Around 2008 -2011 silver outperformed gold when it made 448% gains compared to gold’s 166% gains. This is a good example of how or why it is possible for investors to hedge their wealth with silver bullion.

Historically, silver was considered legal tender by ancient civilization before gold. We are talking about thousands of years ago. The fact that we are still talking about silver as currency means that silver has stood the test of time. Many find comfort in knowing that silver has been recognized for its value throughout a great deal of mankind’s history, and this is why silver has been expected to outlast fiat currency. 

By Rehan

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