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Which Format to Use for a CV?

Depending on your profile as a job hunter, young graduate or experienced candidate, you can prioritize information in several ways. You can opt for an anti-chronological order, a CV by skills or a mixed format. The most important thing is to highlight your skills and experiences. To this end you have the choice between the following CV formats. Make sure to pick the one that suits you best.

The Anti-Chronological CV Format

If you wonder what is a CV format, it is the way you structure your curriculum vitae. According to specialists, the anti-chronological resume is the favorite format of recruiters. Easy to write, to organize and to read, it also highlights your most recent experiences and training. This CV format is particularly interesting for young graduates who lack experience. The last diploma obtained, the last experience or internship will be then the first thing that the recruiter will remember.

With regard to more experienced profiles, headhunters will also focus on the most recent experiences and training, especially when it is relevant and related to the vacant position. The anti-chronological CV is the most common and safest format. However, if you have often changed jobs or if you want to retrain, there are other types of CV which can be more adapted to your profile.

Elaborating a CV by Skills

You can opt for an organization by skills to create a so called functional CV. If you have several years of experience in a particular field, or if you have held several jobs and developed specific competences, you can enhance your know-how and play on consistency. Indicate the skills that may be useful for the desired position.

This type of CV format emphasizes your skills but does not retrace your professional career. It is therefore ideal for those who have often changed profession or who re-enter the job market after a long period of inactivity. If you want to retrain, you can also opt for this CV which highlights your transferable skills. 

The Mixed CV Format

This type of CV mixes the two previous structures. It is presented as a CV by skills and ends up as an anti-chronological one. Still recent, it can take a long time to write and also to read. Bet on consistency, clarity, and always keep in mind the position sought. Then, only indicate the skills and experiences that meet the requirements of the job you want to get.