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Where to Find the Top Places to Eat

The Midwest is often ridiculed for their lack of imagination regarding their food choices and top restaurants. Some top chefs, however, are finding their niches in these smaller cities, such as Cincinnati. A few of their top restaurants will be discussed here and the type of food that they serve ranging from lobster at DaVeed’s to filet mignon at the Precinct to New York strip steak at steak ho chi minh. Read more here steak house ho chi minh.

Each year the city does a huge judging of all of the restaurants in and around the Cincinnati tri-state area compiling reviews from local diners, food critics and food and restaurant experts. They then create a top ten list in various categories depending on their location, the type of food and the type of establishment it is. If your restaurant makes the top ten overall restaurants, chances are your business will definitely be good and steady for the following year but so will the expectations. This article will just discuss the top five restaurants that made it in the year of 2008.

The number one restaurant for 2008 was awarded to Boca that is located in the Oakley section on Madison Road. It is an authentic Italian restaurant that many find a nice place to go to for a special occasion since the prices are a bit high but so is the level of the food.

The number two restaurant on the list goes to DaVeed’s that is located in Mount Adams, a young trendy hillside neighborhood that looks down on downtown Cincinnati and the Ohio River.It has a superbly mixed and global menu with various primary dishes like simmered fowl, Maine lobster and duck presented with great, special sauces and side dishes. DaVeed’s has made the main ten for quite a long while in succession since it opened.

The third eatery to make the rundown is Jean Ro named after a magnificent French gourmet expert that has had a few unique eateries here in the region. It is a magnificent Parisian bistro that serves a blend of French and American dishes like steak house ho chi minh frites, duck bosom and an assortment of vegetables and fish as well. The environment is brilliant and it truly makes you feel shipped to a little spot in Paris.

The number four and number five choices are both part of a group of restaurants owned by Cincinnati beloved Jeff Ruby who continues to close and open new restaurants throughout the Cincinnati area. The higher ranked one of the restaurants is Jeff Ruby’s Precinct which is named for being located in a former police headquarters building built in 1901. They are known for top cuts of beef and even higher levels of service. Many people go here to celebrate an anniversary or even make a marriage proposal. The number five restaurant is called Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse which is located in downtown Cincinnati and also serves great steaks but in a more casual atmosphere than the Precinct. These are great choices for the meat and potato loving Ohioans that live here.