The SharePoint portal is an excellent way of managing properties and tenants. The main benefit of the SharePoint portal is that it gives you the ability to manage multiple properties, tenants, and sub-tenants from a single point. SharePoint provides you with a lot of different options for customizing your website. This means that you can have a completely unique site for each property, tenant, or sub-tenant.

In addition, SharePoint allows you to customize the look and feel of your site using CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. You can also add different content types, such as text, images, documents, and videos. The following sections provide more information on how to use SharePoint as a real estate business solution.

Use SharePoint as a real estate business solution

By now, you may be asking yourself, “Why would I use SharePoint development as a real estate business solution?”

The answer is simple. SharePoint is an excellent platform for developing and managing websites. It is highly scalable, flexible, and can be integrated with other applications and systems. In addition, SharePoint offers a large number of business benefits, such as collaboration, security, and performance. These benefits make SharePoint a popular solution for real estate companies looking to create a better website experience for their customers. In this section, we will discuss some of the key features that make SharePoint a great real estate business solution.

Collaboration features SharePoint provides many collaborative tools for real estate agents, including:

Document management:

Real estate agents can store, manage, and edit documents online. Documents can be stored in a document library, which allows multiple users to access the documents and work together on them. A user can create folders within a document library that can be shared with other users. A user can also add hyperlinks to documents in the library. The links can take the user to a new webpage or another document in the same folder. A user can use a website-based collaboration tool such as Google Docs, Microsoft Live Meeting, GoToMeeting, or Adobe Connect to meet and collaborate with other users.

Email integration:

Agents can send emails to clients from SharePoint. The email interface is built into the collaboration feature of SharePoint, making it easy to integrate email with the collaboration features. You can use a variety of email clients, including Outlook Web Access, Outlook, and Exchange. You can also send and receive emails from other applications using the mailto URL. Note: Although you can use email to communicate with clients and prospects, most of the time it is more effective to use other means of communication such as the phone, IM (instant messaging), or video conferencing.


Workflows can be used to automate tasks or processes, such as sending a notification when a property is sold. A workflow is made up of a series of steps that are connected together in a chain. Each step contains one or more actions, which are actions you perform on objects and/or data. For example, a workflow might consist of the following steps: Create an object. Send email notification. Update a property’s status from “Active” to “Sold”. Send another email notification.

Task Lists:

SharePoint lists are created for various purposes. One example of a task list is a property list, which can be used to track all tasks related to a particular property.

  1. Another example is an event calendar, which can be used to track events that occur within a particular organization.
  2. The task list can be used by multiple users to enter tasks;
  3. The task list can be used to enter multiple tasks;
  4. Tasks can be created and modified by the user that owns the task list;

Wiki pages:

SharePoint wikis are used for collaboration. Agents can post content to the wiki and other agents can edit and comment on the content. The content can be organized into different sections. The following sections will describe how real estate agents can use SharePoint to collaborate with clients.


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