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Red chilli prices turn hotter as pent-up demand surfaces

There is a sudden spurt in the selling prices of chillies in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Stories say that a quintal of the spice is staying marketed at ₹17,400, which is virtually double than what it was 5-6 months ago.

Because the harvest time is months away, the sudden spurt in selling prices is attributed to the gradual opening up of offer chain sector following a extended lockdown shut markets for months.

“There has been a pent-up demand as the markets had been closed for months through the lockdown time period. Export channels much too are opening up following staying shut down for months,” M Ramesh, a farmer from Khammam, informed BusinessLine.

Change from cotton

The farmers are in the course of action of sowing the seedlings for the present kharif time. A good quantity of farmers are sourcing the seedlings from nurseries at ₹2-three a piece. “Some cotton farmers, much too, are shifting to chillies inspired by good selling prices. Unabated rains in the last few weeks led to water logging resulting in injury to cotton crop in a number of areas,” P Ramesh, a farmer from the Warangal Rural district, explained.

Whilst Telangana farmers grew the spice on 2.10 lakh acres, their Andhra Pradesh counterparts grew the crop on three.forty five lakh acres.