The pact, Goyal said, will help skilled people to contribute to each other’s economies. “A number of new opportunities will open up for Indian chefs and yoga instructors also in the years to come,” he told reporters.

Further, work and holiday visa with multiple entry has been offered by Australia to 1,000 young Indians (18-30 years) for a period of one year wherein they can undertake study or training for up to four months (17 weeks) or undertake paid or unpaid employment for the entire duration of their stay in Australia, generally for up to six months with any one employer. The pact would also provide post-study work visa of 2-4 years for Indian students on reciprocal basis, based on different courses.

Australia has agreed to maintain certain opportunities for former students to live, study and work in the country temporarily after finishing their studies.

The minister further said detailed provisions to pursue mutual recognition of professional services and other licensed/regulated occupations have been agreed upon.