6. Brain-map as numerous media coverage concepts as you can imagine of

Now let us say you have about 10 to 15 topics. It truly is time to start ideating. I do this in a couple approaches. You may well decide on an additional way, but this is what functions for me.

Set on your own a timer for every subject matter, and press yourself to arrive up with as many tips as attainable.

The important right here: Will not allow for you time to converse yourself out of an notion, no subject how nuts it sounds at this stage.

By timing oneself you are switching off the portion of your mind that logically attempts to weed out foolish or absurd thoughts.

Appropriate now we want them all!

I decide on to open up a new blank google doc and style the tips out, simply just mainly because I kind more quickly than I publish.

7. Select 5 – 8 strong media coverage tips

You want to conclude up with close to 80+ loose thoughts.

Occasionally these are just thoughts.

Close to 90% of these concepts will not be very fantastic, and that’s good.

We only want five to eight fantastic kinds that we can validate further more.

Try to remember, we need to have to go via the ache of the other 75 lousy tips to get to the 5 strong ideas. 

8. Validate your media coverage suggestions with far more data

Now let us say we have 5 solid strategies. It is time to validate them.

We need to do a speedy feasibility examine.

If the thoughts are reliant on data, for case in point, we have to have to start off seeking for the facts demanded, or get a knowledge expert to uncover out if the details is there, and to framework it into a structure that works for the story.

I are likely to do desk study and reflection at this stage: 

  • Is the info obtainable or is there identical details obtainable? 
  • Do the tips push an emotional reaction?