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Google Answers if Meta Description Matters for Rankings

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Google’s John Mueller answered the issue about whether or not a meta description can be made use of to affect the search rankings.

It is a excellent issue due to the fact Google advises to use special meta descriptions on web internet pages. So there is some type of affect but is that impact linked to rankings? John Mueller solutions that question.

Meta Element

The meta tag is formally acknowledged as a meta ingredient. The meta element is applied to describe (represent) doc-level information about a world wide web webpage.

In order to explain various properties of the web web page the meta component (like all HTML aspects) has characteristics which variety of extends the meta component so that it can offer a certain kind of info to a website browser or to a internet crawler (like Googlebot).

For example:

  • A meta robots tag communicates to crawlers.
  • A meta refresh tag communicates to a browser.

There are lots of other meta tags that talk instantly to search engines and browsers:

  • meta name=”viewport”
  • meta http-equiv=”refresh”
  • meta identify=”google-internet site-verification”
  • meta title=”googlebot” content material=”notranslate”

Meta component knowledge is facts that is not meant for web page readers to specifically see (while it can be found indirectly by way of the search effects).

Meta Description

The W3C is the requirements-making entire body responsible for defining HTML (among the other items)

The official W3C specification for the meta description tag claims that the meta description is designed for use by look for engines.

“The worth will have to be a free-kind string that describes the website page. The price will have to be correct for use in a listing of pages, e.g. in a look for motor.
There have to not be additional than a single meta component with its title attribute set to the price description per document.”

Google’s Use of Meta Descriptions

Google’s documentation of snippets notes that meta descriptions are utilized for generating research effects snippets.

If a meta description is properly utilised then the meta description shown in the lookup effects will communicate to the opportunity site visitor what the website page is about and give them an concept of what to expect if they click on the link and stop by the web page.

There is no limit on how long a meta description can be.

However there is a limit on how significantly of the meta description that research engines will decide on to present. The limit is described by how a great deal can be demonstrated on the user’s browser gadget.

Does Google Use Meta Description for Rating?

The person asking the issue was especially asking about adding locale name details to the meta description and if it would aid rankings.

Google’s John Mueller answered with a broader scope than just including the locale title, his reply was about whether or not everything in the meta description influenced rankings.

This is the problem asked:

“Does introducing the locale identify in the meta description matter to Google in phrases of ranking if the content high quality is managed?”

John Mueller answered:

“So the meta description is largely made use of as a snippet in the look for effects web site.

And which is not some thing that we would use for position.

But definitely, acquiring a very good snippet on a research success web page, that can make it far more intriguing for people today to basically check out your page when they see your site rating in the lookup effects.”

Meta Description and Search engine optimization

There’s a great deal to know about HTML meta factors and this query is a superior case in point of the worth of knowing HTML and how they are employed by browsers and look for engines.

Understanding the track record data about meta features and the meta description tag in distinct helps develop a better comprehension of how all the pieces in shape together for Search engine optimisation.


Does Meta Description Matter for Rankings?

Check out John Mueller reply the concern at the 26:47 mark in the movie:

https://www.youtube.com/check out?v=p9CTwNA66V0