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Despite a fall in India, global black tea output up 3.20%

Inspite of a fall in Indian production, however marginal, there was an total increase in the international back tea output in January about January 2020, thanks to substantial rise in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

“Global black tea production in January rose to 39.39 million kg from 38.seventeen mkg in January 2020. This increase of 1.22 mkg marked a development of 3.twenty for each cent,” Rajesh Gupta, compiler of ‘Global Tea Digest informed BusinessLine.

“Sri Lanka’s output rose to 23.05 mkg from 21.ninety four in January 2020, marking a attain of 1.11 mkg or 5.06 for each cent,” he explained.

Bangladesh created .29 mkg against .seventeen mkg in January 2020, marking an increase of as considerably as 70.fifty nine for each cent, Gupta noted.

Generation posted an increase in January in all countries apart from India.

“India’s production dropped marginally to sixteen.05 million kg (mkg) from sixteen.06 mkg in January 2020,” he explained.

North Indian factories had been shut for winter season and as a result there was no production there in January. So, this whole production occurred in South India.

“In the South, Tamil Nadu endured a production loss of .28 mkg or two.sixty one for each cent as the output dropped to 10.43 mkg from 10.71 mkg in January 2020,” Rajesh Gupta explained.

Adverse weather in The Nilgiris and Anamalais pulled down the output.