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CPCRI making efforts to achieve Aatmanirbhar Krishi vision, says Director

The Kasaragod-centered Central Plantation Crops Exploration Institute (CPCRI) has initiated several programmes to accomplish the vision of ‘Aatmanirbhar Krishi’, in accordance to Anita Karun, Director (in-demand) of CPCRI.

Inaugurating a virtual instruction programme on ‘Enterprise diversification in coconut sector’ for stakeholders from Karnataka, she said that the institute has announced outreach programmes to convey technologies for start off-ups in the coconut sector.

Organic and natural recycling, farming

Organic and natural recycling and natural farming are the critical elements of ‘Aatmanirbhar Krishi’, she said, incorporating the institute has been working in these locations also.

Vermi-composting of coconut leaves, urea-free of charge compost from coir pit, and composting of tender coconut husk are some of the elements in natural recycling. CPCRI is the frontrunner in creating natural farming tactics, particularly for the regulate of coconut pests and illnesses, she said.

The institute is also increasing the planting content creation at the institute as properly as by means of farmers’ groups.

Processing protocols

CPCRI has turn into successful in creating processing protocols for virgin coconut oil, coconut chips, palm sugar merchandise from coconut drinking water, ‘kalpa rasa’ (an unfermented power drink from coconut inflorescence), and many others., she said.

The institute has licenced technologies for planting content creation, bio-fertilisers and bio-regulate agents. Above 250 business owners have signed MoUs with CPCRI for the technologies know-how so far, she said.

Hybrid coconut

Stating that CPCRI is the to start with institute to create coconut hybrid in the entire world, Karun said the institute has introduced 21 substantial-yielding versions until now. This features six hybrid versions that are able of offering two-three situations additional yield than the community versions.

The institute is progressing steadily in the region of coconut tissue culture. It has previously transferred its arecanut tissue culture protocol to a Tamil Nadu-centered private company, she included.