The Leaf tea auctions of sale 35 of Coonoor Tea Trade Affiliation (CTTA) scheduled for Thursday did not get place because of to technical connectivity troubles.

“We have determined to postpone the auctions by a day as specialists are operating on rectifying the lapse and have promised normalcy in a day’s time. Appropriately, the Leaf Tea auctions will get place on Friday and Dust Tea auctions on Saturday,” L Vairavan, CTTA Vice-Chairman, informed BusinessLine.

“Although there are two service suppliers, we have been facing disruption in connectivity throughout the auctions lots of situations in the previous couple of weeks. We have appealed to the Tea Board to check out the problem significantly and make the service suppliers rectify all faults to assure a smooth e-auction procedure,” he disclosed.

“In specific, we have requested Tea Board to hand about the connectivity accountability to a stable service supplier trying to keep match with the modern day market operators,” he revealed.

“Besides, there is want to up grade the connectivity to match with the innovative technical platform introduced by NSEIT. We are worried at the out-of-date degree resulting in slower procedure disproportionate to the speedier performing of the NSEIT modes,” he observed.

The CTTA is similarly worried at the less suited infrastructure. “The program in procedure at the CTTA premises needs upgradation to be on par with the enhanced amounts of e-auction,” he observed.

“Such repeated disruptions in the auction procedure pulls down the enthusiasm of the purchasers resulting in a reduced price realisation in the normally buoyant market,” Vairavan added.