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Sheds can be a great clutter saver or an extension. Colorbond sheds are another way of making the extension of a home stylish with little cost and effort. Modifying a shed can improve a home’s aesthetic appeal and value while adding space to your home, such as a garage, workshop, or stock place for winter clothes and items.

However, there seems to be a great deal of misunderstanding around whether zinc sheds and colorbond sheds make use of the same steel. How comparable are they in terms of quality and durability? So, what differentiates them from one another if it’s not only the hue? 

Advantages of Colorbond Sheds

Colorbond sheds are a stylish take on extending a home. Make your shed as lavish and chic as your home with little to no effort and one that does not hassle homeowners. Steel shed builders help create the shed of your dreams. 

What is provided for sale are steel garages, carports, and sheds that are built using materials that are Australian-grade standard. It is well renowned for both its strength and its durability. This material is used in the fabrication of roof and wall sheets. Also, the functionality of the designs is evaluated on an ongoing basis, and steel shed builders make any required adjustments. 

The galvanised steel look has been tested and confirmed to perform well in the environment that Australia is known for. Zincalume steel products feature a zinc-aluminium alloy coating that offers protection from rust and corrosion and is four times as effective as that of normally galvanised steel. This allows Zincalume steel products to outperform galvanised steel by a factor of four. This material is an excellent option for use in building since it lasts a long time and requires little upkeep. 

Adaptable and Durable

Colorbond sheds are preferable to galvanised iron sheds because they are more adaptable and survive longer.


Colorbond sheds may pass for galvanised or stainless steel in appearance, but they won’t rust and will endure for at least a decade or more under typical conditions. They typically use steel sheets measuring 4.5m by 2.4m. Colorbond is available both galvanised and ungalvanised. Both materials complement steel structures and provide enough protection from the elements.

The steel sheets used to construct a galvanised colorbond shed are coated in molten zinc before being baked. This protects the sheet’s steel core from rust and corrosion by acting as a thick coating. Galvanised colorbond sheds are low-maintenance since they are coated with a zinc phosphate powder.

Versatile and Requires Less Maintainance 

Colorbond is a material available in a wide range of colours and is often utilised to construct coloured sheds. In order to achieve this goal, a chemical procedure is used for Zincalume steel to apply a changed coating. This enhances the material’s ability to adhere to finishing processes.

The sheets have been given two layers of specially developed paints, which have then been baked into them to produce a choice of colours that will last amazingly well and avoid the need for periodic repainting. As a result, your shed will be virtually completely maintenance-free.

Withstands Harsh Weather

Galvanised colorbond holds up well in severe conditions, making it an excellent material for the climate of Australia. It doesn’t attract magnets, prevents heat loss, and doesn’t corrode. However, painting over galvanised steel makes the paint chip easily and might lead to corrosion. Galvanised farm sheds often look terrible after being painted again.  

Provides Aesthetic Appeal

Recently, a new choice has emerged that provides similar protection to metal sheets without diminishing their aesthetic value. Sheets made of galvalume steel are as durable as those made of galvanised steel, but they cost just a fraction of as much and never require painting.  

How to Minimally Maintain Colorbond Sheds

Clean your shed on a regular basis using warm water and dishwashing liquid or an industrial-grade detergent with degreaser qualities. If you use a pressure washer on your shed, you risk breaking the metal corner beads and letting water in. Moreover, before you wash the outside of your shed, brush it with a stiff-bristled broom to remove any loose debris and dust. Also, make sure the metal is dry before painting or using rust converter paint. Do not keep any harmful substances or fertilisers in the shed. They might rust your colorbond shed if spilled on it. 

Corrosion of non-galvanised metal sheets may be delayed by routinely cleaning and sealing the outside of your shed with brush oil or rust converter paint. It is recommended to wash galvanised colorbond steel sheds at least once a year with a brush oil or rust converter paint to prevent the galvanising from wearing out.


Make the extension of your home look the best it can with colorbond sheds. Colour your sheds with the shade of hue corresponding to your home. With little cost, you can have a high-quality colorbond shed that can last a long time, even in weather conditions.

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