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The other working day, Kerry O’Shea Gorgone and I launched a new cryptocurrency known as the Backpack Demonstrate Coin (or just $BKPK, if you want to be like the awesome young ones). It is designed by a enterprise referred to as Rally and was portion of a task they launched called Creator Coins. The notion is that if you nurture a local community like we do around the Backpack Show, then you could develop your very own micro-economy and invite participants and associates of that community to get, promote, hold, and trade a exclusive currency.

What does ANY of that imply?

At the highest amount, “Hey, if you acquire $BKPK coins, it supports the Backpack Demonstrate, but also, you get the gain of quite possibly earning even even more benefits than you would if you just sent in common revenue. WE get a reward for you getting the coin, but you ALSO get a reward for holding it. Variety of like two people today benefiting alternatively of one particular.

A tiny a lot more “in the weeds:” cryptocurrency, you’ve maybe presently read about. Cash like Bitcoin or Etherium or the presently popular “Doge coin” are other styles of cryptocurrency. So, the $BKPK coin is mainly a small decentralized (this means anyone has command of it, not just one human being) device to move benefit (in this situation, funds) again and forth concerning people today who settle for that type of forex.

What can we do with the coins?

You can get sponsorship places on the show, backstage passes, distinctive greatly discounted private coaching, and additional. We’re doing the job up additional and a lot more offerings and means to have fun with the coins as we converse.

What do you want me to do?

We can approach this two strategies. I shot a very little online video for you, but I’ll explain it proper following the online video, too.


Enjoy this swift video, if you’d like.

There are just a few actions to the process:

  1. Set up a no cost account at Rally.io
  2. Come across the Backpack Demonstrate coin site.
  3. Obtain some coins if you want to just keep onto them. (Simply click Buy) OR
  4. Simply click one particular of the offerings like “Buy a Electricity Hour of Coaching” to obtain a particular reward
  5. As soon as you have the amount of coins desired for that presenting, simply click Mail, and mail those people cash to “TheBackpackShow”
  6. And if you get caught, just e mail [email protected]

And you really do not HAVE to mail us the cash you invest in. That’s only if you want to buy a thing like a backstage pass or sponsorship or whatsoever. You can just maintain onto them and see what comes about with the market.

Very Significant: Cryptocurrency is a very risky environment. The price of any crypto coin can go up and down dramatically and we have no regulate around that. If you place in $10, you could discover $100 the next time you log in, or you may possibly uncover $5. It is a bit like the stock marketplace. If you are doubtful of whether you want to check out this out, it is okay if you never want to, and that’s fairly understandable.

The Neat Element (So Far)

Just by Holding onto the cash (which means, you obtain $10 worth or one thing like that and do nothing at all else), you include to the price of the Backpack Show community. And simply because of that, there are even rewards.

Every coin has a benefits pool that can be earned weekly (and I continue to really do not definitely comprehend how this all performs). So for occasion, on my individual “chrisbrogan” account, I have cash from 7 or eight various creators. I purchased some of my friends’ coins to demonstrate assistance. Every single 1 of these cash has the probability to gain some rewards, and when they do, coin holders get some of that money despatched to their account, as well.

This means, you have the option for the coin’s worth to go up and down AND you have the opportunity to get paid even extra benefits just since you’re holding onto cash.

(Disclaimer: I know only a small little bit far more about crypto than most of you. Find out far more if you feel antsy.)

Going Ahead

Although we keep on to experiment with this, there are loads of new possibilities to attempt items out. I’m functioning with some pals and companions to appear up with approaches to present benefits to people only for keeping the coins, furthermore strategies that I can tack on worth for OTHER men and women, if you pick out to shell out them with our $BKPK coins.

For instance, let us say a friend is throwing a live performance. You can spend at the doorway using their coin, or you can pay back at the door working with the $BKPK coin. If you spend with BKPK and exhibit us the receipt, we’ll give you additional benefits just for deciding upon our forex as your payment strategy.

A different instance is if we hold a virtual function, the charge may well be as economical as shopping for a little amount of money of every speaker’s Creator coin to get in.

And so on.

Want to Be a part of an Overall economy Experiment?

It’s all a grand experiment. It’s wayyyyy also early to know what to make of all this. But if you want to have entertaining *and* assist Kerry and I and The Backpack Exhibit, contemplate selecting up some $BKPK cash today.

  1. Go to Rally.io and make an account
  2. Go to the $BKPK web site and click on Invest in (or obtain the reward you want immediately)
  3. Possibly maintain the coins and sense superior about it OR simply click Send out if you’re sending cash to get a reward

It is that easy! 🙂